Servant's Bell
Victorian Style Servant's Bell

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Not to be confused with inferior bells found on net. Internet pictures can't show the full quality and beauty of the bell. The bell is loud and heavy for it's size, also looks antique.

The bell on the end of the scroll (the bit that makes noise) is currently from an original servant's bell. While stocks last.

Servant's Bell (doorbell) from Victorian England.


  • Cast brass bell (the bit that rings)
  • Cast brass clapper (striker).
  • Cast brass roundel (central rose).
  • Solid brass crank.
  • Iron scroll (waxed).
  • Plate brass back plate.
  • Turned brass shaft.
  • Brass screw (attaches bell to scroll)
  • Lastly, square steel nut (attaches scroll to crank).

These pieces have been made to the original specification and are difficult to distinguish from the original (usually mistaken for an original). The bells also sound as good as the originals. All parts are made and assembled in England. These Bells are beautiful and may be the best. 

Refund if not delighted !