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Featured below stairs on the ITV production
 'Downton Abbey'
Victorian Style Servant's Bells.
Electrical or Mechanical operation.
Add elegance to modern or period homes
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bell shaker

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Electric Doorbell

A stunning victorian style servant's bell with an electric 'shaker'.  Fit as conventional doorchime. Shaker box machined from solid pine wood.  Fitting accessories and fitting instructions included:
Battery Version:  
Shaker position: Shaker box finish:

Transformer Version:
Shaker position: Shaker box finish:


Victorian style Servant's Bell       

This is the stunning bell that comes with the above electric shaker (electric doorbell) Perfected over a period of 3 years. All parts are made and assembled in England:

Servant's Bell (without Shaker):              Detail

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victorian bell ordering

bell press button

Bell Press         

Use with above Electric Doorbell (optional).
Post Options:

bell press button ordering
bell press button order

Restored Bell

restored bell

Restored Servant's Bells       Detail

This bell can be supplied with the Electric Shaker.

Postal Options:

restored victorian bell ordering
restored victorian bell ordering

Electric Actuator

This electric actuator shakes the bell. For use with international bell transformers


Bell pulleybell pulley

Brass Pulley No.1 £25

(80mm x 40mm)
This pulley sits opposite the pull and directs the cable vertically upwards.

Brass Pulley No.2 £11

Pulley sits directly above pulley no.1 level with bell.
Directs cable left or right to bell.

servants bell pulleysmall servants bell pulley

Bell Pull

(80x40mm rectangular)
Fits on wall or door frame.
Made from solid plate and turned brass.

Bell Pull

(70x25mm rectangular)
Fits on wall or door frame.
Made from solid plate and turned brass.
bell-pull-75mmbell pulley internal

Brass Pull

75mm Diameter.

Brass Pulley No.3

Internal corner 90 degree.
pulley cable

Brass Pulley No.4

External corner 90 degree.


Extra metre of cable. Will be supplied in 1 length.
bell pull pulley cable

Pull System
  • Servant's Bell     
  • 75mm Pull
  • Pulley No1
  • Pulley No2
  • 2 metres of cable
  • All screws and fittings
A complete kit of parts.
Suitable for an installation with bell on same wall as pull - pull outside, bell inside.
Please specify if actuating wire will enter bell from left or right when looking directly at bell on wall.

bell system ordering
bell system ordering

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