electric servant's bell
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Not to be confused with inferior bells found on the internet


  • Cast brass bell (the bit that rings)
  • Cast brass clapper (striker).
  • Cast brass roundel (central rose).
  • Solid brass crank.
  • Iron scroll (waxed).
  • Plate brass back plate.
  • Turned brass shaft.
  • Brass dome screw (attaches bell to scroll)
  • Lastly, square steel nut and brass dome screw (attaches scroll to crank).


  • Machined from solid Beech wood
  • Thickness 20mm, width 270mm, height 185mm.
  • Long life quiet mechanism, with ball bearing main.
  • 8 to 16 volts input nominal
  • The visible brass pieces are solid brass (no plating).
  • Flush fit to wall with 2 screws.


The electric shaker built into the mount physically tugs on the bell when your door push button is pressed.
The bell rings twice per second irregularly until door button is released (similar to being shaken by hand).

From the shaker to the front door 'push' is run standard electric bell wire. A length of over 100 metres is allowable

 Your standard bell transformer supplies the power (including international).

 Fitting accessories included

Refund if not delighted!

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