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Below is a selection of emails received from customers
(the names have been truncated).

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Received, and it looks terrific.

Thanks for the good workmanship, again. And the written instructions too!

I'm sure we will enjoy it.

Best Regards, Brad W

(NC , USA)

The bell is perfect. Thank you so very much!!

Stacy S


Hello Adrian

Thanks so much again for checking in.

I was released from covid jail today and the dogs and I collected the bell.

It’s lovely !

Can’t wait to get it fitted

Thanks again for everything

With all good wishes



Hi Adrian, Many thanks for your email. Yes, we have received the bell in the post & fitted it yesterday. We absolutely love it! I’m sure it will bring us lots of happiness for many years to come, and will be the most appropriate welcome for all of our much-awaited post-covid visitors. Fingers crossed that day is getting closer….. Hope all is well with you & yours through this time. Thanks very much for the wonderful work you do. Much appreciated.

Steph F



I just received and installed the bell:  you fulfilled my specific requierements perfectly, everything works fine, my wife is delighted and visitors come in very surprised !!

Thank you very much, kind regards from Spain
Antonio M

Many thanks Adrian

The door bell arrived and it looks beautiful and sounds wonderful (and loud enough)
We are very pleased with it.

Lady C     Oxford, UK

To Adrian,

I have received the doorbell .It is even better than I was expecting.Not up yet as we are redecorating but it sounds wonderful.

Thank you very much 

Angela E


Just wanted to give you some feedback:

the doorbell looks fantastic - however, no one wants to come into our new house - they just want to sit on the front porch and ring the bell.  It was especially fun for the recent trick-or-treaters we had on 31.Oct.

Thank you once again.  It is an extremely nice addition to our new home and is 100% better than ANY conventional door chime.

warmest regards,

Mark M

( Morrisville, NC )

Thank you - the bell arrived today (and looks great) so my husband has his weekend task!

Sarah S

(Nottingham, UK)

Sorry for the late email acknowledging receipt of the doorbell.

It is wonderful and is the talk of our neighborhood! Thanks for a wonderful transaction. Happy May Day.

Chris K

(New York)


My husband and I think your customer service is truly remarkable! Our layout looks exactly like your sketch. I went ahead and ordered the cable and pulley with my credit card on-line. Please adjust the amount to include the internal and external pulleys, along with the extra fixing collars.

We live in a historic village, so I have several neighbors who are missing bells or bell parts. I will certainly refer them your way. I will also let our builder, who works almost exclusively on antique restoration, know about your website.

Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to receiving the parts.




I got my bells today. Thank you. They're beautiful. It will probably take a few weeks, but I'll report back to you once, I've completed the setup. Thank you again.

Jonathan S


Dear Adrian,

I received my door bell. "Thanks".
My husband installed it straight away. Its brilliant, a lot better quality than other bells on the market.

It brings a smile to all my visitors, especially my nephews who ring it constantly. ( its a good job they only visit occasionally).

Many Thanks Again
Mrs A C

Just to let you know we got the bell and David put it up this weekend. It's
working fine. It looks ever so good and very authentic.
Thank you again. If anyone we know wants one we'll put them in touch.
Thanks again


(Slough, UK)


We had the antique doorbell installed today and looks and sounds

Thanks again

Deborah in Toronto, Canada

Dear Adrian Stone,
The wonderful doorbell arrived last friday in perfect condition.
It is a wonderful addition and a true delight for my slightly period kitchen.
I  am happily anticipating installation as soon as the electrician can find
the spare time.
Thanks for your excellent service.
Dwight J


Dear Adrian:
                  Thank you very musch for the pull bell. It is the envy of
my neighbors.
It is like the origional one on our other Brownstone; that has been working
for over 130 years.
Your bell has character that the modern stuff lacks. I love it. It is simple
and practical and may last forever. It is far better than the cheap
electronic bells.
Don't let the Yanks find out about this little pull bell from the U.K.!
Sincerely Dr. B

(Brooklyn, NY)

Dear Mr.Adrian,

The bell was delivered to us in the morning of December 24th....a christmas
present to my wife and me! I attached it to where the electric chime was set
right away. It looks very nice and sounds lovely. One can well hear
non-electrical "ring-ring" outside the front door. Of course we love it.
Since yesterday I have been away from home on duty, so I haven't had anyone
ring the bell yet. It is a fun to imagine who will be the first guest to
push the button.

I am going to send some picture of my house and the room with the bell
through internet after making out how to do.

Many thanks,

Go J

(Hiroshima, Japan)

Dear Adrian

Thought I would let you know how pleased we are with our new doorbell.

The servants bell and shaker look really great, far more authentic in our Victorian house than the

awful 60's thing that hung in the hall previously, not to mention the lovely ring it has!

Thanks also for rushing it to me, it arrived on Friday 1st June in time for our anniversary, it was much appreciated.

Best Regards

Lynn C

 Eastbourne, East Sussex



Thank you very much for the bells.  They have arrived, they are in good shape and of course they sound wonderful.  I know my family and I will always enjoy them.

Thanks agian,
Kris D

Peru, NY 

The pull arrived today and has been installed.  Works fine!  Looks nice!
When my camera comes back from being repaired by Olympus, I will send you a
picture of its new home.

Best regards,

Ken W
(Marfa, Texas) 

Dear Adrian: I installed your antique doorbell this weekend. It is everything we hoped for. What a delightful and elegant little invention. And ... thus far ... it hasn't set my dogs off even once.
Thanks for everything.

A happy customer.

Leonard A



My bell arrived today and it is beautiful!  Thank you.  I can't wait to install it.  My husband laughed about how many people will stand there and try to push instead of pull! 

Thanks again,

Deb G

(Murrels Inlet, South Carolina, USA)

Dear Adrian,

The doorbell arrived last Friday, in the midst of
another snowstorm, literally...the postman had not
been able to get into my driveway and left it on the
snow. (It was very well packed, indeed...)

It is beautiful, friends are asking if it's an
antique.  In fact, an English friend was leaving after
tea and offered to walk down to the mailbox to
retrieve my mail. When she returned with the box, she
waited to see what was arriving from England. She
thought it was wonderful and it made her very

While I believe I am one of the sole remaining
households in the area that's been without a doorbell
all these years, I sense you may be receiving future
orders for your bell system from others who come here.
 It hasn't been hung up yet, and yet ringing it is
proving irresistible to those seeing it on the

Thank you!  And please send me word of future products
if you decide to offer some.

Warm regards,

Donna B

(Wilton, Connecticut,USA)

I have received your wonderful products.  Thank you!!
I would like to know if it is possible for me to wire the shaker into my
existing circuit which includes an electric transformer.  I would prefer
to use this method instead of the battery system.  Please let me know
your thoughts.

Again, many thanks for your wonderful products and for fabricating this
bell system!
I couldn't be more pleased!

Yours sincerely,
Sam R

(Supply, North Carolina, USA)

Thank you for the antique bell! We gave it to a family member for Christmas. He is restoring

a historic home and was delighted with the gift. Hope you had a happy holiday!


Melissa F

(Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

Mr. Stone:

Bell and shaker arrived......very nice product, very clever design.  I'll install it this weekend and let you know if any problems.

Tim B

(Everett, WA, USA)

Well we finally got our "new" front entry door installed and your bell was
connected yest. We (my wife and I) love it! Also everyone who see's it smiles
and loves it also. I also looks just the part in our Post & Beam home.
Thank-you again for this rare find.
Joe & Mary - New York, U.S.A.